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Rental Housing Descriptions

CSDC rents exclusively to low and very low-income renters. CSDC charges rent that makes the units affordable for low and very low-income renters. To qualify to rent the units, when available, prospective renters must meet income standards, as well as other requirements set by CSDC.
All units are currently occupied. When units become available, CSDC contacts the next person available on the waiting list. If you would like to get on our waiting list for a rental unit, please contact the property manager to receive a waiting list application and submit to us. Submitting this form does not guarantee that you will qualify to rent housing from CSDC. Prospective tenants must meet certain eligibility criteria at the time of application, including, but not limited to, meeting income standards, and undergoing a background check, financial assessment, and reference check.

The following provides a brief description about each of our rental properties.

Del Rio Court

Located off Westside Boulevard near Nash Road. CSDC acquired the Del Rio Court apartments in 1990 to house low-income renters displaced by the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. As the original tenants leave the apartments, the units have been rented to low-income residents with section 8 vouchers.

The property consists of three two-story buildings each with four units. Each building has two bedroom and three bedroom units with one and one-half baths. Each apartment has a small, private backyard. One laundry room serves all three buildings. These apartments are for low-income renters who have a Section 8 voucher. For information on obtaining a section 8 voucher, go to
Santa Cruz Housing Authority web site.

Seventh Street
This property consists of two separate buildings each with three units. Each apartment has an identical floor plan with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Each unit has a single car garage, laundry room, and backyard with a clothesline. CSDC acquired the units in February 2000. The bathrooms in each unit were completed renovated, as well as installing new carpet, wall heaters, dual pane windows, and insulation. A new roof was added to each building. The exterior of each building and the interior of each unit were painted. The Seventh Street apartments are for low and very low-income renters.

East Street
Located adjacent to downtown Hollister near First Street, this two-story property was completely renovated after CSDC acquired it in February 2000. The property has six units. All second story units are one-bedroom and one bathroom. Two first floor apartments have three bedrooms and one apartment has four bedrooms. All units have one bathroom. Milgard Windows donated new dual pane windows for the project. All kitchens and bathrooms were completely renovated. The interiors of the units and the exterior of the building were painted, as well as installing a new roof. The East Street apartments are for low and very low-income renters.

Toro Plaza & River View
CSDC acquired these properties to accommodate a large families. They are four-bedroom, two bathroom single family homes. These houses have two-car garages. These homes are for section 8 renters. For information on obtaining a section 8 voucher, go to
Santa Cruz Housing Authority web site.
Feel Free to download our current Resident Handbook in both English and Spanish-Language.
Resident Handbook – English (PDF / 452K)
Resident Handbook – Spanish (PDF / 469K)